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AnyTag enables forward-thinking marketers & agencies to run data-driven, scalable and effective influencer marketing campaigns that drive real results. With AnyTag, influencer marketing is now effective, efficient and easy.


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AnyTag makes influencer marketing effective, efficient and easy for marketers and agencies to plan, discover, activate, manage, track and attribute influencer and social media marketing activities.


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  • Influencer marketing campaign

    Best-in-class support for strategy planning from our team of local influencer marketing experts situated across all major markets in Asia and the Middle East

  • Social media management extension

    Tailored support from account opening, concept planning, content creation and posting, and channel analysis.

  • Social media analytics tools

    Tap on tools to measure the effectiveness of influencer marketing campaigns through analytics of competitors and followers.

  • Creative and video production

    Tap on a team of creative professionals that have helped influencers grow - from directing and filming to production and editing.

  • Digital marketing extension

    Enhance the effectiveness of your influencer marketing campaigns through our advertising tools.

  • AnyTag marketplace

    Utilize a robust marketplace to drive scalable influencer marketing campaigns - from nano-influencers to macro-influencers

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Combining tradition and trends to generate over 3,000 UGC in Vietnam for Tết.

A 15-second hashtag challenge for a unique theme around Vietnam's Tết. The campaign was successful in combining a traditional holiday with a trending theme, driving TikTok's presence in Vietnam.

  • Number of participants in hashtag challenge: 20,000
  • Number of views on TikTok only: 24,831,351
  • Engagement: 1,389,866 likes, 15,685 comments


Leveraging on influencers as storytellers to drive conversations around a new delivery menu.

GrabFood drove awareness and buzz by leveraging on various influencer types for each stage of the campaign and designed varied tactics throughout the customer journey to bring a unique culinary experience to users in Vietnam.

  • Video views: Over 1,000,000
  • Engagement: Over 700,000
  • Comments: 13,000 with a positive sentiment rate of over 80%


Generate a user reach of over 8.5 million through the effective use of celebrities, macro and nano-influencers.

Traveloka tapped on a range of influencers from celebrities to macro and nano-influencers to create a variety of UGC including teasers, interactive content and promotional content for strategic storytelling - driving user action and atitude change.

  • Fostered an attitude evolution through a step-by-step storytelling strategy
  • Leverage 42 talents and 142 nano-influencers
  • Total reach: Over 10 million


Award-winning campaign in creating user-generated content and creating buzz in Indonesia.

The strategic use of 68 influencers to create over 1.6m engagement and more than 4,300 UGC posts, resulting in subscriber growth of 5.3 million.

  • Was awarded at the Indonesia Content Marketing Awards 2018
  • Total reach: 6,456,468; Engagement rate: 7.06%
  • 4,315 UGC posts and 1,645309 engagements


Using AnyTag Marketplace, Etude House drove a campaign engagement rate of over 11% through user-generated content.

Tapping on AnyTag's Marketplace function, Etude House worked with micro and macro-influencers with a niche in cosmetics to drive awareness and a campaign engagement rate of over 11%.

  • Leveraged AnyTag Marketplace to drive conversations
  • Tapped on a powerful filter function to find the best KOLs
  • Engagement rate of over 11%

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